What are your fees?2022-09-08T15:34:18+10:00

Our platform is free to use for a limited time for our early adopters. But we do charge a fee for our BAS and Tax Return service. Our fees are listed on our website and inside the platform.

How do I lodge my BAS with TaxLeopard?2022-09-08T15:03:54+10:00

Go to the Tax section and select “Lodge your Business Activity Statement” then follow the instructions and submit.

How long does it take to process my BAS?2022-09-08T15:04:08+10:00

It can take up to 5 business days for us to review and lodge your BAS.

Who’ll prepare my BAS?2022-09-08T15:04:25+10:00

After you’ve recorded your income and expenses in the TaxLeopard platform, our qualified CPA accountants and registered tax agents will prepare and lodge your BAS for you each quarter.

What happens once my BAS is lodged?2022-09-08T15:04:46+10:00

Once we receive your BAS lodgement, our CPA Accountants we will review and lodge your BAS for you within 5 business days. You will receive an email from us with a copy of your Activity Statement and with payment options directly to the ATO.

You may owe the ATO a sum of money. This occurs when you’ve collected more GST than you’ve paid. However, if you’ve paid more than what you’ve collected, you’ll receive money back.

What are the quarters I need to lodge a BAS statement for?2022-09-08T15:05:11+10:00

The BAS quarters are:

Quarter 1: 1 July to 30 September
Quarter 2: 1 October to 31 December
Quarter 3: 1 January to 31 March
Quarter 4: 1 April to 30 June

How much should I set aside for my BAS?2022-09-08T15:05:30+10:00

You can find this information on the Dashboard.

What if I earn income from multiple sources on my ABN, do I have to include that in my BAS lodgments?2022-09-08T15:05:52+10:00

Yes. All income earned on your ABN must be recorded under the ‘Income’ section of our app, and you’ll have to pay GST on the total amount.

How does it work?2022-09-08T15:06:37+10:00

Self-employed? Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to Tax and select “Lodge your annual Tax Return”
  • Answer the questions
  • Submit

We will review your tax return and submit to the ATO in up to 14 business days.

My partner isn’t self-employed, can he/she use TaxLeopard for their tax return too?2022-09-08T15:33:49+10:00

Of course! All they will need to do is create an account and head straight the Tax section and select “Lodge your annual Tax Return” to get started.

There is no need for them to enter their income and expenses into the Bookkeeper section, they can enter that information directly in the tax return.

Do I lodge my BAS monthly or quarterly?2022-09-08T15:03:36+10:00

You have the option with the ATO to lodge your BAS monthly and quarterly. The most popular option amongst small business owners is quarterly. If you decide to change from monthly or quarterly, you are required to contact the ATO and notify them prior to submitting your BAS.

Can I download my reports?2022-09-08T15:34:49+10:00

Soon you will be able to download your business reports such as your GST, Profit and Loss Reports and Transaction Reports.

What is a vehicle logbook?2022-09-08T15:35:24+10:00

The vehicle logbook involves recording every trip in your vehicle (both private and business) for a 12-week period. Your logbook is then used to calculate the business use percentage of your vehicle. Your business use percentage is then used to work out the deductible amount of your vehicle costs.

What the ATO expects from you2022-09-08T15:36:25+10:00

The ATO requires you to keep a logbook for 12-weeks with regular business use. You must record:

  • The date and the odometer reading at the start of the 12-weeks.
  • Your odometer reading at the start – and end – of business trips.
  • Your odometer reading at the start and end of all personal trips.
  • Your odometer reading at the end of the 12 weeks.

To ensure that your logbook remains valid, you must also:

  • Record the odometer reading at the start and the end of each financial year.
  • Update your logbook every five years (or earlier if your business use changes).
I drive my vehicle 100% for my business. Do I still need a logbook?2022-09-08T15:36:45+10:00

You still need to keep a logbook and show all the trips you’ve made, even if it is 100% business use.

If you don’t have a valid logbook, you may not be able to claim all of your car expenses. What’s more, your claim will be capped at a maximum of 5,000 kilometres a year, with the cents per km method. This is why we strongly encourage our clients to keep a logbook.

How much does TaxLeopard Cost?2023-09-18T21:43:00+10:00

For a limited time, DiDi drivers receive 50% off their BAS (normally $49) and $30 off their tax return (normally $179). Get started today!

With TaxLeopard, you’ll enjoy a 30-day free trial, and after that, it’s just $11.99 per month. You can cancel anytime, and rest assured, we don’t charge any sneaky percentage fees based on your income. Start the trial today!

Can I submit my Tax Return & BAS with TaxLeopard?2023-09-18T21:43:51+10:00

Absolutely! When it’s time to submit your return or BAS, you can do it inside the app.

How much do you charge for a standard tax return and BAS?2023-09-18T21:44:35+10:00

A regular tax return is only $179 with a turnaround of 14 days & a BAS submission is just $49 with a turnaround time of 3 days.

Do I get a discount if I get started with TaxLeopard now?2023-09-18T21:45:55+10:00

Yes! As a DiDi driver you can take advantage of our limited time special and get 50% off your BAS and $30 off your return. You can Claim Your Discount Here.

Is TaxLeopard a qualified accountant?2023-09-18T21:54:47+10:00

Absolutely, TaxLeopard is a CPA accountant and registered tax agent.

Is bank linking available?2022-09-08T14:59:12+10:00

Not yet but soon we will release the bank linking feature and you will simply download all your business income and expenses straight into the TaxLeopard platform.

Are you an accounting software or Tax Accountants?2022-09-08T14:54:56+10:00

We’re both. We’re CPA accountants and registered tax agent sitting behind the TaxLeopard platform. You enter your income and expenses and submit your BAS and Tax Return and we will review and lodge to the ATO on your behalf.

Why was the app created?2022-09-08T14:56:40+10:00

Many people start a small business without being aware of their tax obligations of running a business. In most cases, their business structure is very simple, but for the traditional accountant, it requires a lot of their time and, naturally, they charge a premium.

TaxLeopard is an end-to-end speedy tax solution that keeps fees low and the self-employed empowered to enjoy their after hours.

Who’s it designed for?2022-09-08T14:56:56+10:00

We’ve designed it thinking of the needs of the self-employed with the goal of keeping it simple in comparison to other accounting software’s with less accounting jargon. You won’t need a bookkeeper ever again.

Who can use the app?2022-09-08T14:57:12+10:00

The self-employed and gig-workers can use the app for their record keeping, invoicing, logbook, lodge their BAS, tax returns all on the one platform.

Can I lodge my tax return and BAS here?2022-09-08T14:57:30+10:00

Absolutely! Why use an accounting software and then search for an accountant when you can have it all on the one platform?

Who will review my BAS and tax returns?2022-09-08T14:57:45+10:00

Our CPA Accountants will review and lodge every return before submitting to the ATO. If we have any questions, we will email you.

How do I record my income and expenses?2022-09-08T14:58:20+10:00

All you need to do is:

  • Select “Add Expense”
  • Fill in the information
  • Hit ‘save’

For expenses that apply to both personal and business use, simply select the percentage used for business – then our app will calculate the deductible amount automatically.

What can I claim?2022-09-08T14:58:39+10:00

There is an extensive list in the TaxLeopard platform of what you can claim.

Can I capture and store my receipts in the app?2022-09-08T14:58:54+10:00

Yes of course. You can take a photo of your receipts and save.

What is the TaxLeopard App?2022-09-08T14:54:30+10:00

TaxLeopard is an end-to-end platform where you can record your self-employed income and expenses and lodge your BAS and tax return all in the one platform.
Soon you’ll have the option to link your business bank accounts seamlessly and never miss a deduction again. Coming soon is Invoicing and an ATO compliant GPS Logbook.

TaxLeopard is backed by qualified CPA accountants and registered tax agents.

We’re new and fresh and we will continually add new features so please watch this space.

Is it true that you will register my ABN and GST for free?2022-09-08T14:59:41+10:00

Yes, we can do this for you free of charge.

How do I submit a request for an ABN or GST Registration?2022-09-08T15:00:02+10:00

Head over to the Tax section of the platform and select “Apply for an ABN/GST Registration” and make sure your details are correct before you submit. We will email you with your ABN or GST registration in a few business days.

I earn under $75,000 a year, do I have to register for GST and lodge a BAS?2022-09-08T15:00:32+10:00

No, you are not required to register for GST or submit a BAS to the ATO. You only need to submit your end of year tax return.

I earn over $75,000 a year, do I have to register for GST and lodge a BAS?2022-09-08T15:01:06+10:00

Yes, if you run a business that generates more than $75,000 per year, you need to register for GST and lodge a Quarterly/Monthly Business Activity Statement (BAS).

What is a BAS?2022-09-08T15:02:17+10:00

It’s a Business Activity Statement – and all self-employed who earn over $75,000 and all rideshare business owners are obliged to lodge one with the ATO every month/quarter. It ensures you fulfill your GST obligations such as reporting and payment.

I am not required to register for GST do I have to lodge a BAS?2022-09-08T15:01:59+10:00

No, you are not required to register for GST or submit a BAS to the ATO. You only need to submit your end of year tax return.

I am required to register for GST, do I have to lodge a BAS?2022-09-08T15:02:39+10:00

Yes, if you run a business that generates more than $75,000 per year, you need to register for GST and lodge a Quarterly/Monthly Business Activity Statement (BAS).

I earn under $75,000 and I am a rideshare driver, do I have to register for GST and lodge a BAS?2022-09-08T15:03:20+10:00

Yes. Rideshare services are considered taxi travel services. Under GST law, you must be registered for GST regardless of your turnover. The $75,000 threshold DOES NOT apply to rideshare drivers. You are required to lodge a Quarterly/Monthly Business Activity Statement (BAS).

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