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Lodge your BAS like a pro with our GST Report and extensive tax support.


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GST Report

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At TaxLeopard, we prioritize data security with advanced measures for secure cloud storage.

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ABN/GST Registrations

We streamline the process, helping you get your individual ABN or register for GST, hassle-free.


5-Business Day Turnaround

Business Activity Statement (BAS) Lodgements

We review, prepare, and lodge your BAS. Expect accuracy and efficiency in every step.


5-Business Day Turnaround

Tax Returns

Whether you require regular or expedited tax return services, we’re here for you. Efficient processing and detailed review ensure optimal results with every tax return.


14-Business Day Turnaround


3-Business Day Turnaround

These services are not included in the subscription

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We’re More Than Just Software! We’re Your Tax Accountant

At TaxLeopard, we combine online software convenience with professional tax expertise. Forget traditional accounting; we’re a modern, comprehensive solution for your tax needs.

With TaxLeopard, manage your taxes easily at the tap of a button. Your financial management is simpler and more integrated than ever.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TaxLeopard offer a free trial? 2024-02-27T13:46:23+11:00

TaxLeopard provides a free 30-day trial on the Essentials plan, perfect for sole traders, freelancers, and contractors. Register to try out our software and access tax services from certified CPA accountants. Cancel anytime without binding contracts. 

What are the different subscription tiers available?2024-02-27T13:46:34+11:00

TaxLeopard offers a range of subscription tiers to cater to various needs:

  • Essential Plan: Ideal for sole traders, this plan includes essential features like bank account linking, receipt uploading, a digital logbook, invoicing and quoting, profit and loss reports, detailed transaction reports, and access to BAS submission, tax return, and ABN/GST registration services.
  • Pro Plan: This plan includes everything in the Essential Plan, the Pro Plan adds Ask-Accountant email support for personalised accounting advice, and access to the GST Report for self-managed BAS lodgment.
  • Personal Plan: Our free option for individuals who need basic services, including accountant assistance for tax return lodgments and ABN/GST registrations.

All plans are flexible with an option to cancel at any time.

How much does TaxLeopard Cost?2024-02-27T13:47:18+11:00

TaxLeopard’s pricing is tailored to various needs:

  • Essential Plan: $11.99 per month or $110 per year. Includes features like bank linking, receipt uploads, digital logbook, quotes/invoicing, record transactions, Profit & Loss Reports and Detailed Transaction Report.
  • Pro Plan: $24.99 per month or $249 per year. This plan includes everything in the Essential Plan, plus CPA accountant email support and the GST Report for self BAS lodgement.
  • Personal Plan: Free, with access to tax returns and ABN/GST registration add-ons.All plans are flexible, allowing you to cancel at any time without hassle.

Add-On Services:

  • BAS submission: $49
  • Tax return: Starting from $179
  • ABN/GST registration: $49
Can I cancel anytime?2024-02-27T13:47:24+11:00

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, with the cancellation taking effect at the end of your current billing cycle.

Can I lodge my Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Tax Return in the TaxLeopard platform?2024-02-27T13:47:32+11:00

Certainly! TaxLeopard is more than just accounting software; we’re your registered tax agent too. You can effortlessly manage your daily transactions on our platform, and when it’s time, simply click a button to have us lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Tax Return for an additional fee.

How much do your tax services cost?2024-02-27T13:47:38+11:00

Pay only for what you need. BAS cost $49, Tax Returns from $179 and ABN/GST Registration $49.

How Secure is My Data?2024-02-27T13:47:44+11:00

TaxLeopard’s cloud-based accounting software employs top-notch security measures to ensure your data’s safety. These include password-protected logins, servers shielded by firewalls, and advanced encryption technology, all working together to securely store your data in the cloud.

How Does TaxLeopard compare to other accounting software?2024-02-27T13:47:50+11:00

TaxLeopard is uniquely designed for sole traders, focusing on delivering just the essential features required for straightforward tax compliance. We steer clear of the complicated functions typical of other software, making it easier for you to manage your income and expenses, even if you’re new to accounting.

Why are TaxLeopard services more affordable than traditional accountants?2024-02-27T13:48:04+11:00

We’re more affordable due to our streamlined approach. Traditional accounting often requires extensive time for managing records, with hours spent on reconciliation and error correction, typically billed hourly.

TaxLeopard, however, provides efficient tools for easy bookkeeping, enabling streamlined processes for BAS and tax return lodgings. This efficiency cuts down costs, and we offer fixed pricing, ensuring you know the costs upfront without surprises.

Is TaxLeopard a qualified accountant?2024-02-27T13:48:10+11:00

Yes, TaxLeopard consists of CPA (Certified Public Accountant) qualified professionals and is a registered tax agent.

Tax Agent and CPA

Do I need a subscription for ABN/GST Registration or Tax Return with TaxLeopard??2024-02-27T13:48:15+11:00

No, a subscription isn’t necessary for ABN/GST Registration. You can remain on the free Personal Plan and still access this service.

If I’m not a sole trader and only need to lodge my tax return, do I need to subscribe?2024-02-27T13:48:20+11:00

No, a subscription isn’t required for just lodging a tax return. Individuals can use the free Personal Plan for this service.

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