Managing your finances as a sole trader can be overwhelming, especially during tax time. Many small businesses struggle with financial admin due to outdated tools. Hnry, while popular, may not be the best fit for everyone. Sole traders need alternatives offering better financial management, automation, and full control over their income and expenses. Switching to a more efficient accounting software like TaxLeopard or QuickBooks Online can simplify invoicing, BAS, and GST returns. This complete guide presents the best Hnry alternatives for 2024, helping you find a solution tailored to your business needs.

Why Look for Hnry Alternatives?

Sole traders often need specialized accounting software that fits their unique needs. Hnry alternatives provide more tailored solutions for managing invoices, GST, and overall financial admin. These alternatives can offer better control over finances, making it easier to handle accounting tasks efficiently. Choosing the right accounting software ensures seamless integration with the ATO for Australian small businesses.

Effective financial administration is crucial for small business success. Hnry alternatives provide robust tools for managing cash flow, tracking expenses, and generating reports. These tools offer better control, helping sole traders and small business owners make informed decisions. Enhanced admin features in alternative software can streamline processes, improving overall financial management.

Lack of Features:

  • Limited Integration: HNRY does not integrate well with other financial tools and platforms, limiting comprehensive financial management.
  • Detailed Reporting: Users often find the lack of detailed reporting features inadequate for thorough financial analysis.
  • Customization: The platform offers minimal customization options, which can frustrate users needing tailored solutions for unique business requirements.
  • User Interface: The interface is not very intuitive, leading to a steeper learning curve for new users.
  • Security Features: HNRY’s security measures are not as advanced as those offered by other accounting software, which can be a concern for users.
  • Customer Support: Limited customer service options can delay issue resolution, impacting user satisfaction.

Common Issues with Hnry

Disabled Javascript:

A common issue with Hnry is the need for Javascript to be enabled. This can cause inconvenience for users who prefer to disable Javascript for security reasons. Disabling Javascript may lead to reduced functionality, impacting the efficiency of accounting tasks. Therefore, considering an alternative accounting software that doesn’t rely heavily on Javascript can be beneficial.

Unsupported Browser:

Hnry sometimes faces compatibility issues with certain browsers. Users might find that their preferred browser is unsupported, leading to a frustrating experience. This can hinder the smooth operation of financial admin tasks, such as invoicing and GST management. Opting for an alternative that supports a wide range of browsers ensures better accessibility and convenience.

Top Hnry Alternatives

1. TaxLeopard:

TaxLeopard Best Accounting Software

TaxLeopard, a one-stop accounting software with CPA accountants, caters to self-employed individuals and contractors in Australia. This comprehensive tool offers a wide range of services, including bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing, logbook management, BAS lodgement, reports, tax return assistance, and ABN/GST registration.

Why TaxLeopard is Better for Sole Traders?

Compared to Hnry, TaxLeopard offers more tailored support for the unique needs of sole traders. The platform’s features ensure better financial management and compliance with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements.

TaxLeopard provides several advantages for sole traders:

  • CPA accountants are available for expert guidance.
  • Efficient management of bookkeeping and accounting tasks.
  • Easy invoicing and logbook maintenance.
  • Simplified BAS lodgement and report generation.
  • Assistance with tax returns and ABN/GST registration.

2. Xero:


Xero offers robust invoicing and accounting capabilities for sole traders and small businesses. Its user-friendly interface easily handles expense tracking and income management. Automated BAS and GST returns simplify tax time, ensuring compliance without hassle. Streamlined financial admin tasks reduce the time needed for manual data entry.

Switching to Xero offers several advantages over Hnry, particularly for those seeking full control over their financial admin and tax management. It also eliminates issues like browser incompatibility and the need to enable Javascript, making it a more user-friendly option.

Cost and Affordability:

Xero provides various pricing plans to suit different business needs, from affordable accounting solutions for small enterprises to more comprehensive packages for larger operations. The cost includes support from a dedicated team, ensuring peace of mind during financial admin tasks. Depending on how much support is needed, users can choose a plan that offers the best value for their specific requirements.

3. QuickBooks Online:


QuickBooks Online provides comprehensive invoicing and accounting capabilities. This software allows users to track expenses and manage cash flow efficiently. Automatic backups ensure financial data remains secure, giving users full control. Customise financial reports and templates to suit business needs, enhancing financial management. The support team offers assistance, ensuring smooth operations during tax time and beyond.

Pricing and Affordability:

QuickBooks Online offers affordable accounting solutions tailored to small businesses and sole traders. Different pricing plans accommodate varying needs, ensuring users get paid without hassle. Automated expense tracking and income management save time and effort. Adjust the cost depending on how much you make, making it a flexible option.

Benefits of Switching to Alternatives

Switching to alternatives to Hnry offers significant benefits, especially for sole traders. Financial management becomes more efficient, allowing users to track expenses and income effortlessly. Better options enhance your control over tax bills and GST returns. These tools ensure prompt fulfilment of all tax and BAS obligations.

Many alternatives offer automation features, reducing the time spent on financial admin. This is crucial during tax time when accuracy and timeliness are paramount. Alternatives like TaxLeopard and QuickBooks Online provide templates for invoicing and accounting, making data entry straightforward and less prone to errors.

  • Automation saves time by handling repetitive tasks.
  • Templates simplify the process of managing tax returns and BAS.
  • Enhanced control over financial data ensures up-to-date information.

The support team from these alternatives is typically more responsive, providing peace of mind and reliable assistance. Users get paid faster by utilizing streamlined processes, which helps in better cash flow management.

These alternatives also offer affordable accounting solutions with features like automatic backups, providing full control over your financial data. Personal financial management tools allow better business decisions, ensuring your income and expenses are well-tracked.

Switching to a better solution can customize your financial management, leading to a more organized and efficient business operation. The right mix of software can transform how you manage your business finances, making it easier to stay compliant and financially healthy.


Finding the right accounting software is crucial for sole traders aiming for better financial management. Hnry alternatives like TaxLeopard and Xero offer enhanced features, ensuring smooth financial admin. Automatic backups, custom templates, and better cash flow management are just a few benefits. Are you ready to upgrade your financial tools and achieve better business efficiency?